Paula Valentina & Just play

"Music for the Soul"

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Four people, different cultured, different backgrounds, united at first by the intense commitment to music which eventually turned out to be a beautiful friendship.

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Playing music “on the spot” is one of the things
we love to do 

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Who are we? 

Soulful Female Vocal with 2 improvising Guitars 

We are a mixture of old tunes, ballads and contemporary songs, each
and every one having a unique twist and a peculiar sound. It all started in 2015, when the talented Poortman and Cher Werner met a
Lady named Paula V (extraordinary soulfull vocals) and realized the energy they had on stage was thrilling. 

Soon after that, the trio started having memorable adventures that brought them closer, not only as friends but also as artists.

In 2017 the trio decided to take their musical career a step forward and that is how “Paula V & Just Play “ came to life.

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Our Awesome Team

Paula Valentina

Singer – Vocals




Guitar – Backing vocals


Just Play XL – Drummer

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